The Ponds – 20150419

So the birds are being to be more active.  The gulls are gone for the most part but the little birds are coming back.   


But the geese in another pond were definitely broody and cranky.  It looks like some martial arts were being employed. I title this set Kung Fu Geese. 



Just a Touch of Spring – 20150412

So the birds were not around and it was just quiet around the pond.  But spring has begun to transform the grays and the Browns.  


April – Easter 20150405

Well Spring is definitely trying to come.  The gulls are flying and suddenly the trees are turning green and the turtles are sunning themselves. 


March A Time of Beginnings – 20150322

i decided to go to see big water… The weather was warming and I wanted to see a large expanse of water. 


It was a little colder than I hoped.  So I was about to leave I saw the osprey stand and I walked over to the overlook to see.


An osprey pair making a home.  Soon one left and the other remained. 


March A Travellers Month – 20150308/14

The migrations had become flocks of Canada Geese and the Gulls were on the march to their home grounds some will remain and others will go further but all will take a break and feed at the BARC. 



Spring is coming …

March is a Battling Month – 20150306

In this area March is a month of climate battles between Winter and Spring. The weather turned colder and snowier and in this region snow is a mixed blessing. But it can be beautiful. But it was cold.


Winter Remains – Laurel Lake – 20150227

Gosh it got cold again. The ponds froze over but the birds found cracks in the lakes and ponds formed in the lakes. But there’s always something. 


And this one… Who I have dubbed the mayor of the lake takes a snack while waiting for the visitors. 


Who fly in at dusk… 


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