The Heron Dunking in the Pond – 20150524

Spring over and it’s hot. So hot that the heron was dunking itself into the water. I imagine it’s to keep cool and clean.  

Around and About – 20150522

So it’s gotten warmer and spring was a short month. The weather is sunny and perfect for goslings and the odd squirrel.     


The Heron is Back – 20150515

This heron was away and has come back to get its afternoon snack.  We’ll be seeing this heron throughout the season.  Herons are very popular in Maryland.


Allen Pond in Bowie, Maryland 20150509

So after such a cool early spring, May is a bit warmer. I decided to go to Allen Pond in Bowie. It’s a lovely place the geese, the kingfisher and the green is coming back.

Ah Spring!

The Beginning of Spring – 20150502

 So the it’s beginning to be the time of renewal with nesting geese.  
The little birds were also out an about.


The Goslings – 20150516

The geese are lounging it’s a hot spring…the parents are relaxing.   
The goslings are on the march.

The Last Weekend in April – 20150425-20150426

Well, it was still pretty cold and windy. The days were grey and downcast.  But slowly the birds and the foliage were coming out.

The little fellas were off the gate pair of for the spring.


This grow was looking for some food.

This one was migrating through as some geese decided to stay for the spring.       

Spring might just come to Maryland.


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