The Bronx Zoo – 20160512

So I was up in New York and decided to go to the Bronx Zoo which is pretty huge. I went with my sister so I didn’t do it justice with the photos but … There were



And Peacocks which apparently have the run of the zoo …

It was great weather and these are but a few.

20160501 – At the Pond

It’s a big world out there – I’m so small

20160501 – Ospreys at the Pond

It was a drizzly, grey day at the pond and had not thought much would be happening at the pond maybe the goslings. But to my surprise, there were three osprey that I could count. Wow!

The wings flapping to keep them hovering over the target is amazing especially in the drizzle.

Small Swallows in Flight

Even the small swallows take flight

20160424 – Osprey Snatching a Snack

Sometimes you get lucky … And yes… I think it’s time for me to get a longer lens.

A robin searching for food

The Local Pond – 20160417

So after Laurel Lakes I always go to my local pond to see the doings of the birds there. The crows were present


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