On a Jewel Sea – 20150131

It got really cold again … really cold. But the ice, water and light played together to give the illusion of a jeweled beach …

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and a Jewel Sea …
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Gulls – 20150125

So it was warmish this Sunday and I decided to go to the Hanover Pond … and saw this lonely gull…

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Gulls have golden eyes … and then I wandered farther a field due east and slightly south. In this pond, there were gulls everywhere …

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Around and About – 20150124

There’s always a study in contrasts when you see gulls and geese together. The geese can get noisy but not so much … but the gulls they’re an energetic bird. The geese glide along the water and the gulls while they can be in the water but they do love to swoop and dive.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And sometimes they just look down
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Laurel Lake Sundown – 20150119

So it’s been cold around this area. And therefore, icy. Some of the ponds have iced over and that get’s me to wandering like the birds to larger bodies of water like Laurel Lake. It’s that time of day when the last burst of light on the horizon …

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and the birds begin to leave …

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

and watch as the sun goes down …
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Gulls – 20150117

During winter the gulls come in or I noticed them more but I think they like the small ponds and lakes. This one is a little ginger walking on the ice.


The others stand until they don’t I don’t know how they do it. P1040452

The Doings of Laurel Lake – 20150117

Well January is proving to be a chilly month if not snowy. The Lakes and pond have thin (or I think it’s thin) sheet of ice. It warmed up enough for some melt to happen. The geese are taking off from the ice. Amazing I would have been sliding.


This is graylag goose I always think of as the mayor of this lake. Ensuring proper decorum.

And the gulls venturing for a snack. P1040425
And finally the ducks who seem to congregate here.


Evening Tide at Laurel Lake – 20150116

It’s still been chilly and even this lake has ice. The geese wander about and take a respite.


and then they fly away. I know it’s abstract but evocative no?


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