White Egret at the Pond – 20160716

So it’s pretty hot here at the pond but … I manage to find the egret looking for food.

Independence Day Weekend …. 20160704

Well it was a bit grey here .. But Friday and Saturday were sunny. And the heron is finally back or I finally saw the bird.

Triptych of Red-Winged Blackbirds -20160618

So it was a lovely day on the byways on the East coast weather was not to hot.  

Peaceful Sunday at the Pond -20160612

The family of geese are on a stroll themselves. 

Dragonfly – 20160604

So I decided to go to Greenbelt Lake a bit over cast but I snapped a Dragonfly. Admittedly it’s the rear view but … The wings are Lacey.

Memorial Day – 20160530

So … I had a few moments to go to the pond. And you always see the male red-winged blackbird.

But sometimes you get to see the female red-winged which of course is not red-winged. They’re not usually in the open but today and nearing sunset she was. 

The Bronx Zoo – 20160512

So I was up in New York and decided to go to the Bronx Zoo which is pretty huge. I went with my sister so I didn’t do it justice with the photos but … There were



And Peacocks which apparently have the run of the zoo …

It was great weather and these are but a few.


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