20170521 – Aftermath 

Well the rains have been fierce. Particularly this past Friday, the roads were extremely treacherous and there was hail.  I finally go to the pond but it’s unclear to me that the goslings are safe.  

But the Heron and the smaller birds were present 

And one seemingly lone goose was sitting on the ponds shore.

20170325 – Feisty Geese

So its turned spring here and the geese are getting feisty again.  They get a little cranky but they move fast. 

20170422 – Rain Swept Day

We have had rain and it was also a bit windy.  Even the heron was sheltering. 

20170211 – Twilight at the Pond 

The weather has been interesting this winter. Some days cold some days warm.  But always the geese.  

2016 Thanksgiving Weekend  – The gulls at the pond

The gulls are back … and some are fooling around. And one is looking about. 

Windy – 20161120 

Wanderings – 20161113

So I was driving my regular spots. Saw the Gulls nature’s gymnast/ballet dancers of water fowl. And the geese’s Flying Fortress… it was a lovely day.