Small Swallows in Flight

Even the small swallows take flight

20160424 – Osprey Snatching a Snack

Sometimes you get lucky … And yes… I think it’s time for me to get a longer lens.

A robin searching for food

The Local Pond – 20160417

So after Laurel Lakes I always go to my local pond to see the doings of the birds there. The crows were present

Elusive – 20160417

It was going to be a beautiful so I decided to take my bigger lens and see what I can snap. And I was at Laurel Lakes and there were a lot of people but also a lot of birds even the osprey below.

There was also a cormorant


Ducks all enjoying the day!

Wandering about … Sunday 20160403

So while are winter was relatively warm.  Spring is turning out to be a challenge. It was cold but brisk. But the birds were out and the foliage was determined to pop.

Easter 2016

Easter was a little grey on the East Coast but peaceful as it should be.


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