20161023 – Awakening from an Afternoon Nap 

So Sunday was an easy cool day. I went to the pond and saw some mallard ducks awakening from a nap. 

20161016 – Three Crows and the Heron 

So as I drived about I was at my favorite place the Pond.  The heron was there and also three noisy crows … The heron apparently was more than the crows could bear.

The Pond Near Nightfall – 20160903

This is the hour when the geese come in … Many flocks start landing. 

And they start separating to their respective places. 

By the side of the road … 20160828

So it was a hot day but I was driving around my usual places. And the geese took off… There was a bit of blur so I did some special effects not bad.

Allen Pond – 20160821

So… I was at Allen Pond and got soaked. It was a grey day and decided for black and white. The geese are gathering and I suppose getting ready. But one lone goose stay not far from my bench through the downpour. I think the goose questioned my sanity. 

20160723 – Wandering around my neighborhood

It was a hot summers day and many birds were taking advantage the water around the wading ponds large and small. The egret spent some time preening and the turtle remained motionless.  

White Egret at the Pond – 20160716

So it’s pretty hot here at the pond but … I manage to find the egret looking for food.