20170704 – A Rumble at the Pond 

So I decided to go the pond before the 4 of July fireworks. It was rainy. But the pond was peaceful as you can see until …

We had a rumble in the pond … one more there was one Heron and then suddenly another one showed up. Herons are territorial and they began to fight. They trapped a duck and then the duck got feisty. Finally they rolled over a pair of geese and the geese were not have any of and swung around and they went into fight mode. It times like these when I wished I had better gear. But wow! It lasted for five minutes. No geese or duck harmed that I can tell. And only one heron left in the pond. The other flew away.

20170624 – Not as Hot 

The redwing sometimes gets agitated when the heron is around.  Don’t know why might be about territory but Heron just looks. 

20170618 – At the Pond

Goodness, it was hot here and the Heron thought so too. But occasionally there was a breeze that made this Heron a bit punky. 

20170610 – A Quick Visit to the Pond

So after going to a movie and lunch, I drove by the pond to see if there was anything to see. There were ducks, geese, and the heron who was going fishing. 

20170521 – Aftermath 

Well the rains have been fierce. Particularly this past Friday, the roads were extremely treacherous and there was hail.  I finally go to the pond but it’s unclear to me that the goslings are safe.  

But the Heron and the smaller birds were present 

And one seemingly lone goose was sitting on the ponds shore.

20170325 – Feisty Geese

So its turned spring here and the geese are getting feisty again.  They get a little cranky but they move fast. 

20170422 – Rain Swept Day

We have had rain and it was also a bit windy.  Even the heron was sheltering.