20171112 – The Late Fall at the Pond

The migrant geese have left. The Heron tarries, will soon depart. The mallards remain. The crows come and so to the gulls. The mergansers begin to show and the last fruit ripens. Winter is coming.


20171021 – The Pond and a Tale of Two Herons

So I was the Pond… it’s a nice pond. Lots of birds for a little pond. And so the question is … can two herons be at the same pond? The answer is after a little chasing … is yes if one is in a tree. The Heron in the pond grab a snack the other in the tree was still waiting. Yep. I gotta carry the bigger camera

20171001 – A Very Nice Day at the Pond

It was a beautiful fall day at the Pond not to hot and sunny. Here you see the cormorants with a turtle.

And the Heron who is not fond of competitors at the same location.

At the Pond : Near Summers End – 20170903

So I went to mass late. And stopped by the pond. I liken this pond to motel 6; not fancy but comfortable. Anyway it was near sunset and wouldn’t you know I got bit by mosquitoes! Two in the face (near the edge of the temple and a cheek) and my left wrist. Amazing! But the birds were coming in to settle in.

20170715 – The Golden Hour at the Pond

The small birds and the large were seeking a bit of repose.

20170704 – A Rumble at the Pond 

So I decided to go the pond before the 4 of July fireworks. It was rainy. But the pond was peaceful as you can see until …

We had a rumble in the pond … one more there was one Heron and then suddenly another one showed up. Herons are territorial and they began to fight. They trapped a duck and then the duck got feisty. Finally they rolled over a pair of geese and the geese were not have any of and swung around and they went into fight mode. It times like these when I wished I had better gear. But wow! It lasted for five minutes. No geese or duck harmed that I can tell. And only one heron left in the pond. The other flew away.

20170624 – Not as Hot 

The redwing sometimes gets agitated when the heron is around.  Don’t know why might be about territory but Heron just looks.