20170211 – Twilight at the Pond 

The weather has been interesting this winter. Some days cold some days warm.  But always the geese.  

2016 Thanksgiving Weekend  – The gulls at the pond

The gulls are back … and some are fooling around. And one is looking about. 

Windy – 20161120 

Wanderings – 20161113

So I was driving my regular spots. Saw the Gulls nature’s gymnast/ballet dancers of water fowl. And the geese’s Flying Fortress… it was a lovely day.

The Moon – 20161111

No it’s not the Supermoon, but it was still amazing through the wisps of clouds …

Fall: Gathering of Crows – 20161105

It was a fine Fall’s day at the pond. Not too cold.  Leaves are turning. The crows were congregating on the little sandbar taking a dip then flying away. 

20161030 – Crouching Heron, Hidden Heron

Well … it got dark and the original pics were a bit dark. So I adjusted.  I hadn’t ever seen a heron crouch before, but the reason was another heron was attempting to come in. Not a good idea for the incoming one. No heron was hurt … the crouching one chased the other off.