March is a Battling Month – 20150306

In this area March is a month of climate battles between Winter and Spring. The weather turned colder and snowier and in this region snow is a mixed blessing. But it can be beautiful. But it was cold.


Winter Remains – Laurel Lake – 20150227

Gosh it got cold again. The ponds froze over but the birds found cracks in the lakes and ponds formed in the lakes. But there’s always something. 


And this one… Who I have dubbed the mayor of the lake takes a snack while waiting for the visitors. 


Who fly in at dusk… 

And it got colder with more snow coming at Greenbelt Lake – 20150221

i was determined to find my geese. Well not mine really but where are they I thought if they’re not at the pond. I thought the bigger lake.  I went there and there they were.  I only a short time before my fingers chilled to the point of pain.  I don’t know how they do it.  The geese that is …


There were a lot of them and the noise was glorious. 

Winter Came Back And Ice Circles formed – 20150215

Let me say this winter is a tough opponent. Last weekend the sun and relative warm brought a respite, but the week turned cold.  The pond formed ice circles. Brrrr…


Around and About – 20150208

So today was warm at least for a winters day.  This area is know for wild temperature swings this is way we layer up even in winter!

At my local pond, the smaller birds were taking over the pond.

Then I went to another location. The gulls and geese were having a respite from the colder weather. People were out and about too.

Until the sun went down and it got decidedly cooler.

And the geese were flying away. 

Laurel Lakes – 20150207

So the weather is still cold but the lake ice is starting to break up and the birds are flocking to it.

Geese and Gulls in the cold icy water

A bit of Flora

Geese walking gingerly.

The geese are carefully walking on the ice to get to larger opening of water on the lake.

They are kind of considerate with each other as you can see below in the little video I took.  One of them goes in and the others wait for the goose to rejoin them.

The Beginning of the Last Winter Month: February – 20150201

Well, February followed January and it was an icy start at the ponds and lakes.  Laurel Lake was beginning to thaw and the geese, ducks and gulls were about.

The gulls above were pretty energetic as always.. I don’t how the ducks do it., but this one was washing him self. brrr

It was windy at that time and I was getting cold.


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