At the Pond – 20180618

So it was a bit hot and the Heron, The Canada Geese and the mallards were preening in the pond. It was bright and sunny. Still the trees are flowering.


It is Summer at the Pond – 20180610

The Heron is back. It’s been raining a lot here, so I hadn’t been around the watering holes. The goslings are from another location but they’re growing.

20180520 – Geese Grazing

After nearly a week of rain today was sunny and bright. The geese were grazing all is right in the world.

Spring May Be Coming – 20180401

So it is April’s Fool Day but Easter took over and Spring is slowly coming. The birds are coming back and there are blooms.

Spring Snow – 20180321

Well every once in a while we get a spring snow. I do observe that are spring snows are very pretty. It doesn’t last long.

The Diamond Tree – 20180204

So we hadn’t had a snowy winter but it has occasional been a wet one. Today it was raining and it was cold enough to slightly free the rain drops and form what I call the diamond tree.

20171112 – The Late Fall at the Pond

The migrant geese have left. The Heron tarries, will soon depart. The mallards remain. The crows come and so to the gulls. The mergansers begin to show and the last fruit ripens. Winter is coming.